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i will try to list every album/ep i have listened to and rate it here. occasionally i will add a review to a release if i want to say something about it.

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electronic project by RSMA and me

random cool channels:

mr. schwarz youtube

super interesting industrial/noise channel. over 3000 videos of various obscure bands

dronemf s. youtube

this uploader focuses mainly on punk and industrial from the 80's in ex-yugoslavia but theres some other cool shit there too, really interesting channel

oiceptoma youtube

really rare black metal uploads thats not even on the metal archives sometimes. some garbage on there too but cool nontheless

the inner kult youtube

also rare black metal uploads with a focus on rare b.s.o.d. stuff.

kellersynthzirkel vkontakte

speaking of b.s.o.d., this is some b.s.o.d. inspired music, really cool take on it. seems like they operate from russia and ukraine. sadly most material is only on shitty vkontakte

xoark youtube

not sure who they are, but they are uploading cool electronic shit on a daily basis

you can click on the images to listen to some sounds