browser and addons i currently like to use

here i will tell you how i browse the internet at the moment. i am primarily writing this to have reference for myself if i am on a new computer so i don't need to recall the stuff i use by memory and can just use the links. im personally pretty satisfied with the browsing experience i have with this setup at the moment; maybe you will like to copy the way i do it!

which browser do i use?

librewolf. it's a fork of firefox with excellent default privacy settings. just download and run it, you don't need to necessarily change any settings manually. i used to use ungoogled chromium which is a great browser as well, but it somehow didn't run well on debian, so i ditched it in favor of librewolf. and i am glad i did, because i think librewolf is a bit more comfortable to use. using addons is a bit of a pain on ungoogled chromium, since you can't simply add them with a click from the google addon store, you have do download them and then add them externally one-by-one. classic google garbage. with librewolf adding addons is just one click in the firefox addon page and thats it. if you consider switching your browser to any other one, you should check this page first.

which settings do i change?

the only things i change are the search engine, setting it to dark mode and enabling cookies for websites i log into frequently. librewolf deletes cookies by default each time you close the browser, so you might want to add some exceptions so you don't have to login everytime you open the browser. go into settings, type in "cookies" into the search bar, click on the "manage exceptions" button and type in whichever websites you want your login to be remembered.

as a search engine i use librex, a privacy-focused metasearchengine that fetches results from various other search engines. specifically, i am using this instance. you can also search torrents with it. i highly recommend it!

which addons do i use?

and that's about it. this list is subject to change obviously, but it's a good baseline how to browse the internet without instantly getting cancer from all the garbage that is thrown at you.