about me and this page

hi, im alex. this page is here to act as a collection of some of my projects, some of my thoughts as well as being a small side-hobby in itself. i don't have any vision as to what this page should be; i am putting up stuff that comes to my mind which i think fits and build up the page from this spontenousness. i think through this process the page organically morphes into something that is definable by itself.

why is the page all grey? it looks depressing!

grey is my favorite color! to me this page is the opposite of a depressing place, it is home to a genuine and unrestricted way of expressing myself, which is liberating and fun to me. if it may be depressing by the standards of your own aesthetic taste that is fair; i personally don't see it.

what does dagoth mean

it has nothing to do with 'goth'. dagoth is a house(in the sense of club) created by a person called voryn dagoth(or later known as dagoth ur) in a video game called 'the elder scrolls 3: morrowind', it's difficult to break the concept of the house down briefly because the lore is quite complicated, extensive and also full of uncertainties. gun to my temple if i had to explain it in a short manner it would be that the main goal of the house is to regain power and influence through the means of the spread of grotesque diseases and usage of arcane artifacts. this sounds like a setup for a classic good/evil dichotomy but it's actually not obvious if house dagoth is in the wrong in the bigger picture. in the end, house dagoth loses. this game had a profound impact on me when i was a child, which is why i am using this name. if you're not bored to death by now you can read more about it here.

thanks for stopping by!